eLuminaire is a primary manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures for Street and Area, Canopy and other lighting applications. We design and manufacture all our products in house to ensure the highest quality and energy efficiency sustainability. While many can make the claim for the highest performance, only eLuminaire can guarantee that claim. We can design your projects to meet local codes, save energy and provide long lasting fixture life with little or no maintenance.

The litmus test for energy efficient lighting fixtures is always optical performance. eLuminaire has redefined optical performance with the eQuantum Optical system

As one of the world’s oldest, continuous LED manufacturing entities (31 years of LED fixture production) our products exhibit the highest degree of quality in manufacturing with less than 1% in warranty issues. Unique High Transient Resistant Driver technology, patented internal components for surety, rigorously vetted manufacturing raw materials and controlled ISO 9000 process in our pants are some of the reasons for our success.

Let us help you design your next project where less wattage, fewer fixtures, greater lighting quality and less light trespass are the design intent.

Ask about our eQuantum Optical System and receive a brief Power Point demo. We invite you to do the math or better yet let us do it for you on your next project. We provide free lighting plans whether it is relighting or new construction.


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