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Track C: New Technologies
Wed/PM 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Energy Engineer
UC Berkeley
United States
Innovative Waterside Economizer "Guaranteed Cooling with Chiller and Cooling Tower OFF"

This innovative waterside economizer methodology/control strategy targets any chilled water system that serves a mixture of 24/7 operation critical weather dependent and weather independent systems. It will allow the chilled water loop to provide the necessary cooling for the critical weather independent loads without running the chiller or the cooling tower on waterside economizer mode. This methodology will allow you to save the electrical energy and natural gas from the heat recovered in the process.
My presentation will go in details of the specific characteristics of the building systems that are required to apply this chilled water loop control strategy. I will also present a case study that shows how effective this methodology is and how the systems that require cooling are satisfied.
This chilled water loop control new strategy or methodology works and it is a proven way to save energy with a simple and almost free implementation.

Ahmed Hassani M.S. Energy Systems, CEM

For more than 13 years, I Have dedicated my professional career to being an energy engineer/ consultant focusing on saving energy, carbon emissions and resources. I have worked in multiple sectors with different energy systems. I have completed hundreds of energy studies in different sectors. I am comfortable analyzing the energy impact of many complex industrial systems like oil production, food processing and manufacturing. I also have extensive experience interacting with commercial buildings mechanical and controls systems as part of building commissioning and retro-commissioning. As Campus Energy Engineer at Cal, I am helping Cal reduce energy usage by proposing effective, affordable and creative energy efficiency measures with respect to sensitive guidance for safety, comfortable environment for teaching, research, and public service.

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