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Track A: Energy Efficiency Post Pandemic
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Senior Green Building Coordinator
San Francisco Department of the Environment
United States
Strategic Planning for Decarbonization: Asking When and How

The pandemic is a double-edged sword, spurring rethinking operational best practices and HVAC design, and leading to investment at a time of uncertain revenue. Investment is an opportunity to ask what other objectives can be advanced, such as improving ESG metrics, avoiding stranded assets, or managing against possible future regulation of building carbon emissions. To support planning and progress managing carbon emissions, San Francisco Department of the Environment developed the Strategic Decarbonization Assessment, a tool to analyze "When" and "How" it is advantageous to invest in managing energy use and the reduction or elimination of carbon emissions over the coming years.

Barry Hooper manages the Existing Buildings Energy Performance ordinance, which aims to motivate improvement in building performance through annual benchmarking and disclosure of energy use for commercial and multifamily buildings, and by requiring commercial buildings to prepare an action plan for cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. Barry leads development of the San Francisco Green Building Code – which requires new buildings to install solar photovoltaics or living roofs, provide electrical infrastructure for vehicle charging, and meet credible 3rd party green building standards including GreenPoint Rated or LEED. He is a Technical Advisor to the Bay Area Regional Energy Network Codes & Standards program, and active in the C40 Cities Private Sector Energy Efficiency Network and the Urban Sustainability Directors’ Network Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance.

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