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Track C: Renewables and Microgrids
Tue/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Senior Consultant, Instructor and President
SemTrain, LLC
United States
Renewable Energy Technology Alternatives and their Direct Application

Renewable Energy Technology Alternatives and their Direct Application
Renewable energy technologies do not present the most optimal approach in every case. This presentation will provide attendees a valuable superordinate perspective of the role and place renewable energy holds in today’s volatile and dynamic energy landscape. This paper comprises a compendium of insightful renewable energy information typically presented in an eight-hour renewable energy hot topics seminar. Practical differences between proven renewable energy technologies are highlighted and the importance of direct coupling of renewable energy technologies to the ultimate point of energy demand is emphasized.
The presentation will cover:
• The four faceted approach to corporate or business energy plans and renewable energy’s role within.
• The alternatives to renewable energy
• Cost comparisons, strengths and weaknesses of some of the proven renewable energy technologies. What’s best for you?
• Why you should look for the most direct applications of renewable technologies whenever possible?

Bobby currently serves as president, chief consultant and senior instructor at Sem-Train, LLC. He brings to this program more than 25 years' hands-on experience in a broad spectrum of areas within large industrial plant engineering and plant maintenance departments, including electrical, controls, energy and mechanical projects. Mr. Rauf previously served as a senior staff engineer at PPG Industries, Inc., and has also served as adjunct professor at Gardner-Webb University since 1989, where he has instructed classes in both the B.A. and M.B.A. programs. His teaching experience also includes conducting professional development, FE and PE Exam preparation courses through universities and other institutions. He has published multiple books and holds a process controls-related patent. He has developed and conducts multiple energy, engineering, safety, and project management seminars.

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