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50% Energy Reduction by using Off-Grid Energy to Control the Psychrometrics of Cannabis Facilities

The current state of the industry is very energy intensive, over 50% of energy used in cultivation goes to HVAC to control the Psychrometrics.
Unfortunately, Psychrometrics and the thermodynamics needed to control them are not well understood by most HVAC designers.
Because the conditions for each process in a Cannabis Facility are different and none are in the ASHRAE “Comfort Zone” it needs to be viewed as an industrial process. The loads at each phase are all Latent dominant loads, at times with no sensible load. In addition, the sensible loads when present are not at “Comfort Cooling” conditions, they are at much higher temperatures. Thus, by treating the sensible and latent loads independently they can be mostly addressed using low quality thermal energy instead of grid power. If CHP is applied, then all of the HVAC load and ½ of the lighting load can be removed from the grid.

Bryan Sherman, CEM, MFBP, EBCP
Bryan is an Energy Engineer with almost five decades in the HVAC industry. He has proven success guiding sizeable, cross-functional teams in the pursuit & implementation of creative, energy efficient solutions to a myriad of Psychrometric requirements of various applications.
With his intrinsic understanding of the processes and the machines that drive them, he coined the term “Thermo-Economics.” He defines Thermo-Economics as “The art and science of manipulating the Psychrometric conditions of a space (e.g., Temperature & Humidity) with the best possible cashflow (i.e., Life Cycle Cost & Net Present Value).
Sherman helps growers eliminate air borne pathogens and the need for excessive pesticides with precise control of Psychrometrics using significantly less energy. This is not just for cultivation but even more so for drying, curing, & packaging.
His forte’ has always been finding a way after all the experts say there is no way.

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