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Track C: Big Data and Energy Analytics
Tue/PM 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
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Yardi Pulse

Yardi Pulse is part of the single stack Yardi has to offer. Pulse is a comprehensive energy management and information system with advanced system optimization capability. It’s the foundation that enables our clients to adopt a crawl-walk-run approach on implementing portfolio-wide energy strategies from utility bill processing, energy analytics, fault detection and building HVAC optimization.  

Another key member of the family is Elevate which has a module to help facility managers leverage big data. Facility managers can receive system level faults via a work order by tying in equipment level data that points to the root cause of the issue, the facility manager can view the work order and diagnose the fault to assist the technician with solving the problem before it has an impact on cost and most importantly tenant comfort. This one of many example’s Yardi helps real estate owners operationalize resources using big data and a unified platform. 

Yardi is a global real estate management software company that has been in business for nearly 40 years. Sustainability and energy efficiency are core components of their corporate mission and commitment to their clients as a real estate technology provider for all types and sizes of companies and organizations across the globe.   

Christy Cannon has been a Certified Energy Manager since 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a minor in Physics, and two years postgraduate study in Civil Engineering.  Her career in energy has spanned over two decades on everything from building databases that model utility tariff rate schedules to onsite ASHREA audits to conducting classes on peak demand management and electric market economics for City Managers, Facility Directors, and Mayors.  In her current capacity at Yardi Systems she focuses on supporting the real time metering, HVAC fault detection, and building optimization products.  On a more personal note, her parents were hippies, instilling a great appreciation for our fragile planet.  They grew a lot of their own food which is how Christy learned about the intelligence of pigs and why guinea fowl make the best watch dogs, among other lessons.  If you need a hint on that last one: dogs don’t eat ticks nor do they roast nicely in the oven.   

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