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Track C: The Future of Buildings - Connected and Net Zero
Wed/PM 1:00 PM - 1:40 PM
Sustainable Resources Management Inc.
Review of the New Intelligent Building Rating Systems

Review of the various smart building rating systems under development and the features and perspectives from various developers .We will discuss What is a smart building? , How can you evaluate them? History of smart building rating systems
What are the rating systems under development? Who are the developers? What different perspectives do they bring to their versions?

After 27 years of corporate procurement and planning responsibilities with Canadian Bechtel Engineering, Johnson & Johnson and Ontario Hydro, David Katz established Sustainable Resources Management in 1993 to invest in and provide, marketing and administration services to an energy management controls company. Trained on Applied Decision Analysis, Expert Systems and Life Cycle Costs, David provides training and consulting services in the application of these programs. He was program manager and co-developer of the Building Intelligence Quotient rating program developed for the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) and is an Ambassador Speaker for CABA, He participates in the IREC Customer Grid Edge expert working group and he is also a Corporate Partner member of the Energy Transformation Network of Ontario. David has taught part time at George Brown College and provided the Intelligent Buildings Seminar for the Electricity Forum. He has made recent presentations in Canada and USA at Grid Modernization conference, Distributech, Home Connect and Next Gen Home Energy Management

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