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Track C: New Technologies
Wed/AM 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Chief Revenue Officer
United States
Ioanization led by Science: Measure, Analyze, Adjust, Verify

Ionization led by science: Measure, Analyze, Adjust, Verify. The next generation of controlled Ionization produces a safe indoor air environment and saves energy

We see the emergence of Indoor Air Quality as one of greatest impacts to our industry since the introduction of LEED standards. IAQ has rapidly accelerated to the forefront of priorities in managing buildings due to COVID. This presentation will discuss the next generation of ionization products used to optimize Indoor Air Quality as well as to save energy.

New innovations enable regulated and controlled ion production that takes into account indoor environment conditions to deliver the ideal balance of positive and negative ions. In addition, the optimal balance is continuously measured and controlled with space condition feedback to adjust output as indoor environments change. Ionization controllers also interface to the building management system. Intelligent ionization creates and maintains an optimal ion balance by sensing, predicting, and managing air ionization levels.

Work History:
Frank has over 26 years of large account sales and management experience. His career has included large account management roles at Digital Equipment Corporation, where he managed accounts at General Motors, Ford Motor Company and various first tier Automotive suppliers. As Regional Director of ANSYS Incorporated, he grew his Region over 500% in under five years. As Vice President of Sales for ERP software provider JBA, Mr. Salensky managed regions that spanned the South Central and Western United States. Using a business unit emphasis that focused on vertical markets, Mr. Salensky’s division saw consistent and substantial growth. As a founding member of Merus Data and Senior Vice President of Sales, Frank oversaw the initial business model and growth of Merus Data. Mr. Salensky also served as the President of AP-ID Incorporated, a solutions vendor providing identification software and hardware for large enterprises. He helped develop AP-ID’s business plan, and was instrumental in both large account growth within AP-ID as well as establishing a channel strategy. Frank has served as CEO of Greffen Systems since 2008 and has helped to build Greffen into a national organization and an industry leader. In his new role Frank is responsible for the marketing and sales growth of IAQ-cpr.

Education: The Pennsylvania State University – Bachelors of Science

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