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Track A: Decarbonization and Electrification
Wed/AM 10:30 AM - 11:10 AM
Business Development Manager - Sustainable Energy
Chromalox Inc
United States
Zero Emission Steam Generation With Electricity

Historically industrial and commercial steam generation has been provided by fossil fuel fired boilers. Utilizing electric resistance heating for generating steam is not a new concept. Recent advancements in electric steam generation and power control technologies are expanding the role and number of applications for electrically generated steam. Electric steam generation is becoming the preferred method for steam generation, process heating, and temperature maintenance for many applications due to increased efficiency and zero emission output. The benefit of using electricity instead of fossil fuels extends beyond the localized zero emissions associated with steam generation and electric process heating. This presentation walks the audience through all the features and benefits of utilizing electricity instead of the traditional fossil fuel fired steam boilers. Specifically, new technology advancements in medium voltage heating and control systems which offer significant installation savings compared to using low voltage (< 1,000V) for large steam demands. Not only will the presentation explain the current and new electric steam generation technologies, but it will also highlight various industrial and commercial electric steam generation applications. Case studies will be included within the presentation where electric steam generation and control systems have been successfully implemented and achieved stated performance or financial benefits over fuel fired systems.

James graduated with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University in 2008, quickly moving into a career with Chromalox as an application engineer focused on the design and implementation of industrial electric heaters. Soon transitioning into a role as a Senior Application Engineer, he supported the launch of Chromalox’s patented DirectConnectTM Medium Voltage Technology which changed the landscape of electric heaters in the industry. In 2017, James became the Global Product Manager of Components Technologies, one of Chromalox’s three primary product platforms, where he specialized in the integration of advanced temperature and power controls with the core heating solutions. Most recently, James has become the Business Development Manager for Sustainable Energy, sharing his breadth of knowledge on industrial electric heaters and controls with the industry.

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