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Track A: Energy Efficiency Post Pandemic
Wed/PM 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM
United States
Rethinking HBI During a Pandemic

Human Building Interaction (HBI) is an emerging field seeking to reimagine the way that buildings adapt to human beings. Research initially focused HBI on energy efficiency and utility savings, which is a great application yielding results. What if we were able to take HBI even further and apply it to safety and health in buildings? Using today’s ability to mine data coupled with the creation and cost effectiveness of air quality sensors, buildings can work for us to protect our health. Prior to the pandemic, humans spent over 90% of their time in buildings, several of which were designed for a function that may no longer be in use. Since the pandemic, our time in buildings has increased, most of it at our homes. This This presentation introduces the concept of HBI as it relates to both residential and new construction and discusses the potential of the technology in the future.

Jared Higgins, PE, CEM, GGP is a principal and mechanical engineer for Parkhill, an integrated, multi-discipline engineering and architecture firm with fourteen offices across the United States. With a background in mechanical engineering, Jared has expertise in mechanical systems, energy engineering, building envelope, and green building design that allows him to engage in research across the industry. He is also an accredited COVID-19 contract tracer by Johns Hopkins University and has published white papers on indoor air quality and the built environment concerning infectious diseases.

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