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US National Sales Manager
Combustion & Energy Systems
United States
Maximizing Energy Efficiency Through Condensing Economizers

Capturing and utilizing the energy lost in hot exhaust gases can increase efficiency, reduce fuel costs at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Condensing Economizers are capable of recovering energy through temperature and water vapor contained in exhaust gas from combustion and drying applications that otherwise would be lost out the stack. Some applications can return up to 12% of the fuel cost while maintaining production levels with minimal impact on existing systems and processes. Special materials of construction and design allow for the handling of potentially corrosive condensate from cooled exhaust gasses with an added benefit of collection of reusable water from the exhaust.

After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree from San Jose State University, Joe worked as a project and field service engineer for a San Francisco bay area burner manufacturer designing and implementing burner and combustion products for industrial and utility steam generation, air heaters, kilns and solid fuel furnaces.

In 2016 Joe took on the role of National Sales Manager for Combustion & Energy Systems responsible for Condex system sales.

In 1993 Joe joined Binder, Moss & Richter as a manufacturer’s representative for combustion, power and pollution control related companies. In 2001 the company incorporated changing the name to BMR Thermal, Inc. and Joe became the principal owner. In 2006 the product line was expanded to include waste heat recovery equipment, specifically the Condex line of condensing heat exchangers.

Joe has application and field service experience with combustion products, and further application experience with pollution control and heat recovery equipment applying this experience in many of the paper mills, schools and universities and a variety of industrial, commercial and utility customers throughout New England.

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