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Track C: Renewables and Microgrids
Tue/PM 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Sr. Process Control Engineer
Engineered Sintered Components
United States
Solar - Land Based and Off-Shore Wind

As we know now a day Solar Renewable Energy is more popular in our communities, like many more are joining in every day from community to get Renewable energy basically in solar.

But are we utilizing completely of our solar land based & off shore wind energy?

Answers are mostly coming - NO

Reason is we are not thinking other prospective sides. Here are some examples which everyone has to think about it.

Solar Energy Land Base – Have we thought about if we put solar panels on all parking lots? If we put solar panels in Parking lots, which not take much space, we already have parking lots, so we are just using existing area, benefit of it – Reduce direct impact of solar heat to cars means reduce temp of vehicles, means less time to use energy to decrease inside vehicle temp, means less fuel consumptions, means less carbon footprint. How many big companies (Like Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s, Etc.) are thinking about to go this route, because these big companies have huge parking lots?

Same way Off-Shore Wind Mills – As we know shore has lots of wind but because of our mentality that wind mill is like giant with big wings. But no one thinks about the Small Vertical Wind mill which can be installed near to the shore, beaches with creative ideas like you can make you never even imagine. That kind of concept we can apply to our sidewalks, communities & highways, etc.

There are lots of & efficient way to use of our renewable energy if we use in proper way.
Biography: Main goal to use renewable energy in efficient way, try to get justice to use of their uses as well. Efficiency & Energy saving are the biggest factors in real Industrial application. To develop and implement sustainable Manufacturing Technologies and processes in order to increase Operational Efficiency, Reduce operating costs, and Environmental footprint.

My name is Krunal Gupta, I am a Sr. Process Controls Engineer in Engineered Sintered Components, Troutman, NC since last 10 years. My Education background is Instrumentation Controls & Lean Six Sigma. So I always play with different kind of Instruments & as well as try to increase efficiency, decrease downtimes. In a side I do research about how to reduce or save energy, which is the best way to use renewable energy. As well as try to get more output or make more efficient work flow. Coming from business family, always look for how to make more efficient work which requires less input & more output.

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