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Track A: Energy Efficiency Post Pandemic
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
VP Sales & Marketing
United States
Germicidal Lighting for COVID-19 and Beyond

This presentation takes a broadened, unconventional view of germicidal lighting beyond UVC, and the introduction of indirect germicidal lighting application. This could lead to a brand new applications for air sanitization and surface disinfection which, unlike UVC, could provide continuous, sustainable, and hazard-free solution for air sanitization and surface disinfection.

Dr. Maa received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University and has 15 awarded patents or applications related to LED lighting technologies, wellness lighting, germicidal lighting, and circadian lighting. Dr. Maa has a wealth of knowledge in the industry trends and the latest lighting technologies for different applications. He regularly provides training to lighting agencies, distributors, and other lighting and facilities management professionals. He has given over 100 presentations at professional conference, including many regional APPA conferences and TAPPA conference. He offers two popular weekly webinars on germicidal lighting and emergency LED Lighting.

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