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Track B: Low Carbon Strategies for the Industrial Sector
Tue/AM 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Czech Republic
By Digitalization of Industrial Energy Management to 4.0 World

Industrial energy management is as old as industry itself. Sometimes more and sometimes less, an essential costs component was always energy. Without energy, there would be no industry. This was also the reason why industrial companies had their energy managers, who made sure that there was enough energy, that the energy was of sufficient quality, that its availability had to be almost 100 percent and that costs for it remained as low as possible. These people with long experience have become almost indispensable within these companies, mostly with responsibilities directly to the CEO. The advent of information technology has amplified their importance and influence. Massive digitalisation of industry opens up new spaces in all energy management processes to replace the human factor in evaluation, comparison or decision-making. However, the specifics of industrial energy management in the era of 4.0 will remain - the expert energy manager as a person - due to the size, complexity and uniqueness of the industry.

Milan Grohmann graduated at Czech Technical University in Prague, Technical Cybernetics. He's co-founder of Instar ITS Ostrava, working as CEO since beginning in 1991. Now he's responsible for business development of INSTAR ITS in Europe, USA and Japan. Milan has many years of experience from the projects of energy management implementation at a number of large industrial companies around the globe, e.g. Cinergy, AUDI, Volkswagen, Škoda Auto, ArcelorMittal, Asahi, Mondi.
INSTAR ITS is the market leader providing intelligent energy management solutions to all industry sectors, commercial sector, S&M businesses with its own software platform ENERGIS.
Motto: Who wants to, seeks the ways. Who doesn’t want to, looks for reasons.

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