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Track A: Decarbonization and Electrification
Wed/AM 11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Founder and CEO
Point Energy Innovations
United States
Can We Build Zero Emissions Buildings? Building Decarbonization

Buildings account for 39% of all US carbon emissions. Building occupants burn gas and use electricity, each accounting for roughly half of those carbon emissions. The carbon emissions of the grid have been declining steadily over the last several years due to the retirement of coal power plants and the surge of new renewable electricity sources. Several states have enacted legislation requiring electricity to become carbon free in the coming years. With electricity becoming a carbon free fuel source, gas use in buildings will become the main source of building carbon emissions.

Building decarbonization can be accomplished now through the transition from gas heating to efficient electric heat pump systems. The current offering of heat pumps is diverse, mature and applicable to all buildings.

Peter Rumsey will present the findings of a study done by his colleagues on the impacts of switching to heat pump heating systems. The study compares the energy consumption, energy cost, and carbon emissions of all-electric versus gas-based commercial buildings in 8 different climates. In all cases, carbon emissions are reduced and in some cases dramatically. Peter will show how to fully decarbonize buildings today. He will share a case study of a zero carbon emission office building.

Decarbonization, Electrification, Heat pumps, All-electric, green building, energy efficiency, climate change, renewable energy, climate strike, net zero carbon, climate ready buildings.

Peter is widely recognized as a global leader in energy efficiency and sustainable building system design. Peter founded Point Energy Innovations in 2014 and is it’s CEO and Chief Design Innovator. Before that he founded Rumsey Engineers in 1998 which was acquired by Integral Group in 2009. He served as Integral’s West Coast Director and Chief Technology Officer.

He has consulted to venture capital firms, successful start-ups and has worked worldwide: in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has directed the design of 20 LEED Platinum Certified projects, 3 Living Building Challenge and 22 Net Zero projects. Peter has been responsible for many key innovations in energy efficient design and analysis, including pioneering the use of chilled beams, efficient outside air systems that eliminate reheat, radiant cooling systems, low pressure drop distribution systems and the use of guaranteed performance contracts for HVAC systems.

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