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Track C: New Technologies
Wed/AM 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Acela Energy Group, Inc.
United States
Using Proven AI to Substantially Reduce Your Buildings Energy Consumption via Your Already Existing BMS System

Using Proven AI to Substantially Reduce Your Buildings Energy Consumption via Your Already Existing BMS System – Truly Amazing & Easier than You May think!

This presentation discusses the current use of AI with assisting existing Building’s HVAC Control Systems to substantially reduce energy consumption. Most control systems in use today are set to instantly compensate and react for each temperature variation that occurs in a building, but these systems often work against the buildings natural thermal inertia, which can lead to the overlapping and waste of both cooling and heating capacity. Today there exists several AI products that harness the existing thermal energy in buildings.

Using temperature sensors and other contributing factors in each zone, AI technology collects all the data and proactively adjusts each zone’s internal temperature in accordance with the client comfort requirement. Each zone’s local time constant is the length of time it takes for the natural release of heat from the building, given the building’s construction materials and contents. The technology provides an offset to the BMS to make automatic and continuous energy management decisions based on the short and long-term heating and cooling needs of the building. These AI offerings can be onsite or housed in the cloud and communicates to the BMS via a secure gateway.

Essentially, these AI systems are comparable to adjusting a building’s offset every two minutes based on ever-changing internal and external climate variables. You can also watch in real-time, your BMS System employing the offsets and reducing energy right before your eyes.
This technology is already in thousands of buildings in Europe and is beginning to accelerate in implementation in the United States.

Mr. Costello is the President of Acela Energy Group. Rich is a registered professional engineer and he holds a M.S. in Engineering Management from Western New England College and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. Rich also conducts a variety of Energy Certification Courses for AEE. Rich was the National President of the Association for the Year 2000, and received the 2003 Energy Professional of the Year Award from the organization. In 2006, Richard was inducted into the Energy Managers Hall of Fame.

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