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Track A: Decarbonization and Electrification
Wed/AM 11:10 AM - 11:50 AM
CEO and Co-Founder
HIGHMARK | Building Efficiency
United States
Building Electrification via Heat Pumps: Cut Energy, Carbon and Costs

For cities and states to reach ambitious carbon-neutrality goals, buildings must be decarbonized as quickly as possible. The fastest, most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to do this is electrification via heat pumps. Efficient and electric heat pumps recover otherwise-wasted energy for sustainable heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. The results are significant reductions in energy, carbon emissions and costs.

Learning objectives: 1) Understand why heat pumps are critical for building decarbonization and electrification, 2) Discuss how heat pumps can be implemented, focusing on commercial and high-rise multifamily buildings, 3) Explain what innovative and advanced technologies are available on the market today that can be used now for immediate decarbonization and electrification.

Richard Gerbe is a 2017 ENR New York Top Young Professional and a 2016 Consulting-Specifying Engineer 40 Under 40 Award Winner. As a visionary HVAC and engineering authority, his robust expertise in the best and most innovative building-efficiency technologies is unparalleled. Gerbe is committed to challenging the industry’s status quo and bringing efficiency to the built environment. He does this to support sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings. To learn more, visit:

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