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Track C: Big Data and Energy Analytics
Tue/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
VP, Product
Artis Energy Intelligence
United States
Big Data & Energy Analytics: The Foundation of Energy Management P

Energy Data Analytics can be leveraged to help companies build and define their energy management strategy, drive efficiencies and productivity gains, and reduce energy consumption and costs.
This presentation will focus on how advanced algorithmic solutions and data modeling techniques can be utilized to normalize energy data to account variables such as seasonality, occupancy, and weather. These energy models can be used to drive actionable insights at a facility, or help focus the investment of time and resources throughout a portfolio of facilities.
In particular, the merger of advanced energy modeling and data visualization techniques can prove to be invaluable in identifying efficiency opportunities and hidden trends/correlations between operations and energy consumption.
The output and subsequent visualization of these advanced modeling techniques, combined with the knowledge of utility rates and cost structures, can provide guidance around future strategic energy management actions and assist in prioritizing energy efficiency investment opportunities.

Zach Martin is the VP of Product for Artis Energy Intelligence. Working with and leading our team of analysts and data scientists, he has been instrumental in capturing and integrating both client and market needs for the RTIS® platform.
Mr. Martin’s extensive experience working with utility rates, tariffs, and third-party supply agreements helped create and automate the utility rate engine component of the RTIS® platform. He has spent many hours reviewing and analyzing thousands of utility bills and facility energy consumption data points. By doing so, Mr. Martin developed a proprietary methodology that reviews utility data to determine energy savings opportunities through peak load reductions, waste energy avoidance, utility rate optimization, grid peak avoidance, and equipment optimization strategies.
Mr. Martin has an MBA in Finance, BS in Accounting and a BS in Finance, from the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology at Sacred Heart University.

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